AI-Driven Tools To Help Manage Your Focus In A World Filled With Distractions


Scheduling Scheduling
Automated scheduling tools that leverage AI to optimize focus and attention by assessing the user's calendar and workload, and suggesting the most productive times for focusing on different tasks
Prioritization Prioritization
AI-driven tools that prioritize tasks or projects to help users focus on the most important ones first
Time Management Time Management
Manage your time more efficiently by using our tools to suggest the best times to focus on different tasks
Task Tracking Task Tracking
Help users stay focused and organized with AI-driven tools that track tasks and projects
Distraction Detection Distraction Detection
We offer systems that detect when users are being distracted and alert them to refocus their attention on the task at hand

About Us

We help people discover and maintain a healthy balance between their online and offline lives, by providing them with tools to manage their attention, focus, and productivity. Our tools are designed to help people focus on the right tasks at the right times, and to prevent distraction and procrastination. They help to keep people on track and motivated, while providing them with a better understanding of their own attention levels. By combining AI and human-centered design, we create products that help people stay focused and productive.